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BDD - Behavioural Driven Development

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Concrete Examples of Software Behaviour

What is Behavioural Driven Development?

BDD is a software development methodology that emphasizes collaboration and communication between business stakeholders and software development teams (developers, testers, designers) in order to deliver software that meets user needs and business goals. The “behaviour” refers to the systems your teams create and not people.

BDD involves creating concrete examples of desired system behaviour to drive development and testing activities. BDD scenarios are typically written in a plain-text, human-readable format that can be understood by all stakeholders.

BDD also involves the use of automation tools to execute the created scenarios as tests. This helps ensure that the system always behaves as intended. It also allows for rapid feedback whenever changes to the codebase need to occur.

Overall, BDD improves the quality, efficiency, collaboration and communication of software development teams by focusing on delivering working software that meets user needs and business goals.

Charge Forward

Is BDD Applicable For My Software Team?

Behaviour Driven Development can help your teams deliver software that meets user needs with speed and confidence, no matter if you’re a startup or a large enterprise.

You should strongly consider introducing BDD in your teams when you encounter any of the following issues:

  • A culture of blame, where developers blame analysts for incomplete or incorrect requirements, and QA blame developers for faulty applications
  • Software quality problems, such as fixing one bug causing several more in unexpected areas of the application
  • Isolation and broken communication between departments or roles
  • Disconnection of software development teams goals from business goals
  • Lack of focus and motivation

The Benefits

Experience the multi-dimensional benefits of BDD.

Enhanced Collaboration between software teams and business stakeholders.

Improved Communication of technical and non-technical stakeholders.

Shared understanding of requirements and goals.

Increased Efficiency and Speed.

Focus and Motivation.

Improved Quality and Reliability.

Increased Confidence in delivery.

Scaling software with test automation.


What I Can Do For You

I crafted a comprehensive strategy to empower your software teams to confidently implement Behavioural Driven Development.

With my expertise, your teams can quickly adopt this proven methodology and begin reaping the benefits of enhanced communication and collaboration, for a streamlined development process.

The materials can be adapted to your context and we will work at a suitable pace for your teams.


Initial call

Let’s get to know each other and understand the problems your software teams are currently facing.


Interactive in-person or online workshops which provide a hands-on learning experience to help your teams effectively integrate BDD into their workflow.


Support whenever you need it. My goal for your teams is to practice BDD with confidence!

Test Automation

Your software project can only grow when you start adding test automation. 


“Pavel is a great instructor, passionate about BDD and very much informed about the topic. I participated in a BDD workshop organised by Pavel. I was an absolute starter, didn’t know much about the topic, yet after the workshop, I felt like I understood the concept and had the knowledge to start implementing it. Pavel balances very well the theory with practice, saving enough time for us to get hands on with BDD and see all the theory discussed in action. Most importantly, Pavel is available to help and clarify any questions we may have during or after the workshop, as well as support us in the early stages of implementation of BDD on our own. I recommend this workshop and this instructor 100%. Thanks Pavel for the support, professionalism and for always keeping it fun.”

Catarina Adegas Ferreira, Product Owner

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My name is Pavel Mocan and I’ve been writing software for 15 years in companies small and large. I strongly believe BDD is the best way for teams to build software and I want to help your software teams to learn and practice it.

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